Monday, October 27, 2014

First, I want to say thank you to JoLynne, for inviting me to join her annual blog hop, and yet again, being that kick in the butt that spirit provides for me!
Be sure to check out my predecessor's awesome cookie recipe, that tells her it really is fall!  Monica Corwin and don't forget to enter her giveaway for your own copy of Hocus Pocus!

So this past weekend is what I am referring to as a "trial by fire". I have been performing readings for my friends for many, many years, but haven't really been doing it for others. Several times in the last few years I have been given the message that it is time to branch out and let myself been known and used to give messages to those outside my circle. I decided, okay it is time, and signed up to attend a Psychic Fair in Tarrytown, NY in November Awaken Wellness Fair. They posted a picture of me and my bio, and a few days later, I was contacted by a psychic from Putnam Valley and invited with two other good friends to read at her Psychic fair on October 25th. She told us in previous years that they had to turn people away from her fair, because there were so many people that they couldn't read everyone. Okay, no problem, I've been to fairs, and seen them read... HOLY CRAP!  I had NO IDEA!! THIS was my trial by fire! 41 readings in one day, at my first fair! I felt drained, but absolutely in the zone, and was so happy when I was told that everyone that came to me were amazed that I hit everything on the head. As a psychic, that just made my day, and I can't wait to go again next year!

Now I promised to talk about my favorite Halloween, it was funny, we were eating dinner after the fair, and it just popped into my head, a picture of the mad scientist lab that my mom created in my grandmother's basement, for the last Halloween I would get to celebrate, because when I was 8 years old, my mother stopped celebrating holidays, I made us all become Jehovah's Witnesses. I can't tell you how much trouble I got into for always being fascinated by other religions especially anything nature based.

So my mom, grandma, and the three families that lived on our quarter mile long road got together and planned the most AWESOME Halloween party ever! It all started on our farm, with the Haunted lab, that was built in my grandmother's unfinished basement, which by the way, was scary as everything, all on it's own. They hung up sheets all around, and had people building Frankenstein, and you could peek in as you walked around the sheets. I walked around there about 5 times, and on the 6th round, I stopped, because there was this woman standing in the way with all black and a completely white face, none of us would go past her, she scared the crap out of us. This was my best friend's mom, I was at their house every morning to catch the school bus and loved her like another mother, but that was scary as everything. After that, none of us would walk through the lab, and they sent us for the walk to my best friend's house where the party was ending, but on the walk, the older kids of all the neighbors were hiding along the way, so that as they told the scary stories on the walk, they nearly make us pee our pants... it was AWESOME! And then when we got to my best friend's house, they had hands floating in the punch, they cut up grapes and told us it was eyeballs, and it was the best time ever!

I think I have just figured out what I want for my son and his friends for Halloween next year! The planning will begin now.  I hope you have all enjoyed your stops so far on the Hop. If you are ever interested in a reading, please check out my page The Passionate Mystic and send me a message, I do in person, Skype, e-mail and phone readings.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A New Day

So, I have been thinking of reviving my blogging, but was putting it off, I never seem to know what to write about.
Then I get a message from a friend... "Wanna be part of my Halloween Blog Hop?"
I guess Spirit was tired of me putting it off. So I go to find my original blog, which is apparently no longer there... SHOCKING!  So here is my new blog, we will see what I can come up with to write. My plan will be to write weekly, but it may take a bit to get on that schedule.

I will be blogging about both my spiritual journey (hence mystic), and human sexuality (Passionate), and my Passion Parties business, and how it helps me with both.

More later,